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Hey! Big New May Mailbag Episode Over on NCR’s Patreon!

May 29th, 2020

At the suggestion of a few listeners, we thought it might be useful to alert listeners on this main feed when we upload a Patreon-only episode. And Ben and Courtney just put up their biggest Patreon-only yet, with over two hours across all sorts of topics, mostly non-tennis though with a few decided tangents into the sport we find ourselves without currently. 

This is our fifth Patreon-only episode, and backers to our Patreon can access all episodes and other discussion threads and posts. We're currently at 192 backers--just eight short of 200?--and would love to have your support. And we think it's a deal worth your while if you enjoy Ben and Courtney talking (which hopefully you do if you're reading this).

Hope everyone is well out there! And thanks to our G.O.A.T. backer J.O'D!

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