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Episode 99f: Slumpers and Freeloaders

March 31st, 2015

Ben and Courtney are not in Miami, and they have lots of thoughts and concerns about various others that have already made untimely exits from that tournament? What's going on with Maria Sharapova? And is it time to sell stock in Rafael Nadal, or will he turn it around and perform at his best again like always? And what about the bevvy of top 10 players from the WTA in 2014 who are slipping now, like Kerber, Radwanska, Wozniacki, Bouchard, and Ivanovic? Also, why aren't Ben and Courtney in Miami, and why do so few American beat writers make that trip? And why should nobody be complaining about who is there? You can freeload on us all you want, dear listeners, no matter what hobbies you have. As always, thanks for liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing/reviewing on iTunes or whatever your podcasting platform of choice may be! 

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