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Episode 91: atp DOT wtf DOT com SLASH crybaby

November 18th, 2014

In the last time they'll see each other in 2014 (insert wistful emoticon trying to keep a brave face), Ben and Courtney sat down in London to discuss the WTF-ness of the WTFs, which started out super boring, then had incredible drama in the middle, then lacked a finish altogether. What a delicious jambalaya of emotions we're processing! Firstly, why were the matches in London so uncompetitive and dull? Could it be the worst tournament ever and is that a fair metric? Second, what to make of Roger Federer's withdrawal and its possible impact on the Davis Cup final? And lastly, what about the weird pissiness of the semifinals, namely Djokovic vs. The World and later Stan Wawrinka vs. Mirka Federer? Dots have never been so pointed, you guys. Lastly, we preview the Davis Cup final between France and Switzerland and rant and rave about British stuff! As always, thanks for liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and reviewing and subscribing on iTunes

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