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Episode 56: Davis, Drouet, Doubles, and D’U-S-A

September 27th, 2013

In Episode 56, Ben and Courtney reflect on all sorts of fun stuff, starting with the happenings in this year of Davis Cup. What do we make of the upcoming Americans vs. British battle, and just the Davis Cup format in general? Are major overhauls needed? Then the "diary" of Thomas Drouet, and what (if anything) we learned about the Tomics from it. Did Taylor Townsend stop juniors too early, and how should that decision be made? What is the relevance of doubles to the professional game these days? Who in the big four has the biggest demons heading into 2014? And whose year can benefit most from a big finish? Lastly, we take a number, because we like giving you big enchilada-sized shows. We're proud to have you as listeners, folks, and we would totally chant all of your initials if we knew them.  As always, thanks for liking us on Facebookfollowing us on Twitterand leaving us reviews on iTunes
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