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Episode 51: Casting Summer in an American Desert

August 8th, 2013

Episode 51 is a very big show. First, Ben and Courtney look at the two former U.S. Open champions who lifted trophies last weekend, and what we make of their pasts and futures. How does Sam Stosur only have four career titles? How does Juan Martin del Potro fit into the conversation for the upcoming U.S. Open and beyond? And what are the legacies of the fading Carlsbad event and the successful but segregated Washington event? Also, what makes Washington finalist Andrea Petkovic so friggin' awesome? We share her with you to let you decide. We then discuss the exit of the American men for the top 20, what it means, and who (if anyone) is to blame. Courtney then casts a 10-year-old television show using tennis actors, and we end by discussing if we can ever actually cut ourselves off from tennis at this point in our lives.  We would never cut ourselves off from you, dear listeners, so as always thanks for liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitterand leaving us reviews on iTunes!

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