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Episode 300: This Is A Spartan! Maria Sakkari (French Open Day 7)

June 5th, 2021

Ben and Courtney cross the 300 threshold at long last, inspired by the truly Spartan effort of Maria Sakkari.

After a bit of chatting and reminiscing about the milestone, Ben and Courtney talk to Maria about her warrior mentality, where that has to give way to taking it easy, finding the right coach, having a mom who played on tour, and making friends and keeping connections to home on this traveling circus.

Thank you all for helping us get to this big number, we couldn't have done it without y'all.  

Thank you again for the incredible support for NCR we've received on the NCR Patreon which has powered us into our TENTH(!) season! If you'd like to join in as we bring you the best shows we can during the French Open! And thank you to the many listeners who have already given their support! (And thank you to G.O.A.T. backers J O'D, Mike, Pam Shriver, and Nicole Copeland!)

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