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Episode 27

February 19th, 2013

It was a very busy week in tennis considering it's February, so Ben and Courtney had lots to talk about.  We discuss the changing dynamic atop the WTA, with the interesting coinciding happenings of Serena Williams ascending to No. 1 but losing to Victoria Azarenka.  We also discuss Rafael Nadal's week in Brazil, and that he won, but also if he's been given a free pass for diva-like behavior when it comes to constantly complaining and being unsatisfied.  We then talk about Piotr Wozniacki berating a chair umpire and why that was bad.  Then we take questions about the use of social media by tournaments as well as the role of Asians in tennis (and sports in general), and then we take a number.  By the way, once you listen to the take a number segment, go on our Facebook page and vote for which one of us you agree with.  Are you Team Ben or Team Courtney? Either way, we are decidedly Team You. Thanks for listening.

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