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Episode 235: Dude Tennis With Ricky Dimon

November 2nd, 2019

In an annual NCR tradition, Ben is joined in DC by marathoner Ricky Dimon for a lookback at the ATP season that was. 

2019 offered a lot of the same in terms of Big 3 dominance--will the one who finishes with the most Slams automatically win G.O.A.T. debates? Though in 2019 there were also meaningful breakthroughs...right? And will Andy Murray be able to contend again soon?

We also look at the overflowing cupboard of cups in men's tennis, which now bulges with Laver Cup, new Davis Cup, and ATP Cup. Is there possibly an appetite for them all? And is it fair that ATP Cup awards points, unlike the other two?

Lastly, we go over a possible ballot for the ATP awards this year--as well as their inverses.

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