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Episode 153a: The NCRvision Song Contest!

May 13th, 2016

We are beyond excited to bring you the NCRvision Song Contest, a celebration of and competition for the best songs inspired by tennis in the world! Ben and cohosts Carole Bouchard and Rene Denfeld walk you through the 26 songs which reached the final and are hoping for your votes. The ballot is here. Any questions, please ask!

Here's the running order, full of twists and turns and bops and jams.
  1. Binge - "Vamos Rafa"
  2. Robin Ward - "Wimbledon"
  3. We Are the Physics - "Goran Ivanisevic"
  4. Stagecoach - "Evonne"
  5. Ivo Karlovic (Feat. Novak Djokovic) - "Moja droga je tenis"
  6. Gino's Eyeball - "Kournikova"
  7. Drew McCulloch - "Andy Murray"
  8. City of Angels - "The Tennis Song"
  9. We Got the Power! - "Wozniacki"
  10. Jenna Maroney - "Tennis Night in America"
  11. Wyclef Jean - "Venus (I'm Ready)"
  12. The Party Man Network - "Milos Raonic PSA Song"
  13. dyadyaBOB - "Sam vs OVAs"
  14. Far In Jim - "Hey There Andy Murray"
  15. Jamie Foxx - "Can I Be Your Tennis Ball? (+Remix)"
  16. Bryan Bros Band (Feat. Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray) - "Autograph"
  17. DJ Grand Slam (Feat. King Roger) - "Success Comes Back"
  18. Phranc - "M-A-R-T-I-N-A"
  19. Rich White Ladies - "Wimbledon"
  20. Rock Salt & Nails - "Volley Highway"
  21. Serena Williams - "I Win"
  22. Hugh Laurie - "I'm in Love With Steffi Graf"
  23. Kieran Butler - "Allez Tsonga"
  24. Beatenberg - "Rafael"
  25. Umberto Carli - "Like Maria Sharapova"
  26. Dan Bern - "Isner & Mahut"
Once you've listened to them all, go vote

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