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Entries from February 2013

Episode 28

February 26th, 2013 · Comments

In Episode 28, Ben and Courtney discuss the week that was in what has been a surprisingly jam-packed February for tennis.  We also discuss the busy week for Rebecca Marino, and Ben's coverage of her story, and follow that with an acknowledgment that Jelena Jankovic hauled her cookies and her entourage to Colombia. We then take questions about why the Memphis field was so poor, if the Putintseva parade has lost its pizzazz, and who will be the next first time Slam winner.  Finally we take a number and rant about stuff.  Zero Dark Thirty may not have won Best Picture, but *you* win Best Listener, friend.

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Episode 27

February 19th, 2013 · Comments

It was a very busy week in tennis considering it's February, so Ben and Courtney had lots to talk about.  We discuss the changing dynamic atop the WTA, with the interesting coinciding happenings of Serena Williams ascending to No. 1 but losing to Victoria Azarenka.  We also discuss Rafael Nadal's week in Brazil, and that he won, but also if he's been given a free pass for diva-like behavior when it comes to constantly complaining and being unsatisfied.  We then talk about Piotr Wozniacki berating a chair umpire and why that was bad.  Then we take questions about the use of social media by tournaments as well as the role of Asians in tennis (and sports in general), and then we take a number.  By the way, once you listen to the take a number segment, go on our Facebook page and vote for which one of us you agree with.  Are you Team Ben or Team Courtney? Either way, we are decidedly Team You. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 26

February 13th, 2013 · Comments

On this episode, Ben and Courtney talk about Rafael Nadal's return to the tour in Chile, and what to make of his loss in the final to Horacio Zeballos.  We also discuss the even more surprising news out of La Famille Bartoli, with Marion and Walter parting ways.  We then tackle the ATP/Indian Wells prize money increase debacle, and offer to take any spare cash that may be lying around.  Then we take questions about hotels and languages and Serena, take a very good number, and then rant about stuff for a while.  A good time was had by us, and a good time will be had by you, too.

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Episode 25

February 5th, 2013 · Comments

On this long-awaited Episode 25, delayed due to oceans between us and technical difficulties, Ben and Courtney finally wrap the 2013 Australian Open.  This, of course, means lots on Victoria Azarenka's injury timeout, and an evaluation of the backlash she received.  We also consider the current state of American men's tennis, particularly Ryan Harrison.  We then discuss Davis Cup, its flaws, and the flawed verbiage with which maple leaf mastery has been described.  And to close, Courtney reveals her biggest fear, and we mourn the exit of Liz Lemon from our lives.  You'll want to go to there.  Apologies for the volume difference between our voices in this recording--Ben just wanted to sound like The Voice of God.

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