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Episode 81b: Question–Tell Me What You Think About…That

July 25th, 2014

Obviously there have been some extremely interesting developments in the 10 days since we recorded this all-questions episode, but your questions are still awesome and we hope our answers are, too! First, we talk about the status of gay issues on the tour. Is "open secret" a sustainable status? Next, Sloane? That's the question. And what's the significance of the WTA coaching moves of Li Na and Ana Ivanovic? Also we explain to you why it's problematic that Wimbledon won't let the press ask Andy Murray about poop. Then, for a complete change of pace, we discuss taxation ethics! Because obviously! Lastly, we turn our sights to the upcoming #MERICA swing: what are the best U.S. Open Series tournaments, and is there any American man other than John Isner who could do something halfway-decent? You, our listeners, are like triple-decent. As always, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to and review our show on iTunes or whatever your podcast app/platform of choice may be!

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