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Entries from August 2012

Episode 15

August 23rd, 2012 · Comments

“I have never cuddled with Rory McIlroy.” Guess which NCR’er said that.

Ben and Courtney meet up in Mason, Ohio for the Western & Southern Open. Pardon us if we’re a little punchy. We weren’t exaggerating about the Applebees action. (Courtney’s note — Is it just me or is Ben WAY BETTER live rather than on Skype?)

Talking Roger Federer dominance, the continued solidness of Angelique Kerber, Jelena Jankovic’s struggles, the charm of Petra Kvitova, we confess our love for Carlos Rodriguez (maybe. we don’t know. it’s complicated), and we talk about the faves and not-so-faves going into the U.S Open. We also take some questions. Keep them coming, y’all.

And Ben finally gets an opportunity to let loose on track cycling. Spoiler alert: He is not a fan.

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Episode 14

August 23rd, 2012 · Comments

On Episode 14, Ben and Courtney breakdown what happened during the tennis event at the Olympics where Andy Murray and Serena Williams did some pretty good things. We discuss the best-of-three format at the Olympics, tiebreaks, and seriously, why the heck was Ryan Harrison apologizing?

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Episode 13

August 23rd, 2012 · Comments

We have neglected you. For that, we apologize.

But to quote the Olympic motto: “Better late than never!”*

Ben and Courtney were Stateside for the London Olympics and they were really excited. Mainly for the break from live tennis. Courtney talks about her Cali Swag at Stanford and San Diego, and Ben gets a chance to talk about one of his favorite things in the world, World Team Tennis. They also discuss the effect of the Olympics on the U.S. hardcourt schedule, curious Kim Clijsters, and the effect of Rafael Nadal’s knee injury.

And somehow, Courtney finds a way to talk about The Hills. It’s a talent, people.

*Very much not the Olympic motto but it totally should be.

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